Coming into Epping Hot Off a Final Finish at Cecil

Kyle rolled into Cecil County Divisional hot off of a win from Epping, New Hampshire, but can he double up winning back to back races? Driving good, the BTE who’s hot drive Kyle Bigley was a favorite to win Cecil coming in, however squeaking by a close first round, he moved onto second with a -.002 to his opponents worse -.009.

Up next was a rematch for Kyle and Stephen Spaulding which did not go the way Spaulding had hoped. Last time these two matched up Kyle took the round win, and he did it here again against Spaulding’s worse .061 light to Bigley’s better .026. Kyle continued to squeak by another close round in the third until he lined up with Walter Olt in round four for what had to be the longest staging battle seen in D1.

Bigley and Olt sat prestaged for 2 minutes before going in and staging up. The result? It went in Bigley’s favor as he turned it .029 to Olt’s .058 and closed the gap at the big end to find himself in yet another semi where he would face off against multi-time division champ, Tom Stalba.

However, Stalba’s dreams of winning Cecil and overtaking Bigley in the points were shattered as Bigley crushed Stalba’s .042 with a .010 reaction time to put in 1 over and force Tom into a breakout situation. With Bigley, so close to a double up, the pressure was on, nerves high and it was time to face off against Jack Sepanek in the final round. With two fierce competitors, it was anyone’s game this race. Who would bring it to the table?

Unfortunately for Kyle, he did not see his lamp turn on and was out beat on the starting line by 11 thousandths of a second which translated into a sloppy top end driving job and a well-deserved win for Jack Sepanek. How will Bigley do in the coming races? Stay tuned for more updates.