June 2019 – Route 66 Nationals + JEGS AllStars

 Two weeks ago, was the annual Route 66 Nationals in Chicago for the NHRA tour, and along with it comes the infamous JEGS AllStars for those special sportsman racers who qualified. This event is special because it’s been home to the AllStars for over a decade and is really about highlighting the “best of the best” as I borrow a quote from NHRA President Glen Cromwell.

For many racers, getting to represent their class in their division at the JEGS AllStars is a dream and something many look to cross off the bucket list, while few ever do. If you have had the opportunity to experience and achieve this feat, you know how special and difficult it is.

I am fortunate enough that I was able to represent Division 1 in Super Comp for the 2019 JEGS AllStars and I’ll be the first to admit, it was surreal. The atmosphere is something else at Route 66 and from the moment you make the trip there, you’re treated like one of the Pro Teams.

From our own special stacking line and priority pitting on the pavement, to being reimbursed for our travels to our introductions (or lack of, in 2019) and everything in between. It really is a special event and moment for all of the Champions and qualifiers representing their respective divisions.

The National Event

Taking a step back for a moment we’ll find our focus on the National Event. With qualifiers on Thursday, this was our opportunity to get the car setup and dialed in for Route 66. It was also our first-time racing at this facility and being in division 3 (which I enjoyed a lot). By the end of the day we had made

 our passes and felt good about where we were sitting for Friday morning’s first round, as with many National Events the sportsman schedule follows (round 1 and 2 Friday, 3 and 4 Saturday and 5 and 6 Sunday).

Friday morning comes along and it’s random pairing for round 1. I draw Tim Foley who’s .032 and 8.862 couldn’t beat my .019 and 8.874 giving myself the win on the double breakout.

Round 2 it’s Tom Clark and I squaring off for a spot into Saturday’s program. For myself, it was all about making it to round 3 so I had a morning shot before the JEGS ALLSTARS. The tree drops and Tom hit’s a nice .005 to my .017 and as we speed down the quarter mile Tom breaks it out 5 thou to my 8.922.

Saturday morning is here and round 3 is being called at the crack of dawn. This time around I have Cody Webber and drop a .008 out of the gate to his .027 and close the stripe up to .003 giving myself the double breakout win 8.897 to an 8.881.

Round 4 I find myself across from division 3 youngin and fellow Finance Student Megan Strassweg as we battle for a spot into the Finals for Sunday. The tree drops and I run out of talent leaving second to Megan’s .011 with a .031 my worst light of the week and put it on an 8.915 giving Megan 1 hundredth of stripe to work with as she best’s my time with an 8.921 for the win.


The Main Event took place on Saturday about 30 minutes after round 4 of the national event. With pending thunder storms rolling in the pace was definitely a bit rushed and coming off a 4th round loss again didn’t help the rhythm I had going an hour ago.

Heading into round one, my teammate Mike Robilotto (division 1 blocker) and I had successfully qualified on opposite ends of the ladder (perfect). Mike draws Ray Ray Miller for round 1 and comes up short with a late 40 reaction time and then a down track timing issue. I now had to face off against Randy Beck division 6 racer. I was put into the left lane and unfortunately due to a variety of factors which we’ll save for another conversation, missed the tree flinching red and ending my shot at both double-ing up and winning the AllStars.

Although neither the National Event or JEGS ALLSTARS event went the way I had planned and hoped, it was still a great experience and showing to start the season off for points. I look forward to the next time I get to represent in the AllStars and have my shot at redemption, but until then, catch me at the Norwalk National Event coming up in a couple of weeks.

How to Secure Sponsorships in 2019

A very common topic and question in Sportsman Drag Racing has been “how do I secure sponsorships?”. This has long been a question asked by many racers because at its core, sportsman drag racing is seen as a more of a grass roots level sport whereas with the Mello Yello Drag Racing Circuit, it features professionals. Most of your class and bracket racers are normal folks who have a passion for cars and a competitive drive and compete at the expense of their free time on the weekends. Although there are some professional drag racers at the sportsman level, they are far and few in between. So, is it possible to obtain sponsorship? The short answer is yes.


If you’re an everyday racer and a working man or woman or business owner even, there are numerous ways to obtain sponsorships for your racing operation. So, let’s take a look at exactly how you can secure deals with companies. First off, in today’s day and age, it’s best to refer to sponsors as “Marketing Partners”. The term sponsor gives off a negative connotation where the company feel’s they are sponsoring you the driver in a one-sided deal that is more beneficial to you than the company. However, the term marketing partner puts an emphasis on a partnership, which is exactly what these deals are. You, the driver and race team must prove your worth to the organization or company you are seeking a deal from. Whether this is done by your personal at the track support for other racers, great sales skills from a skill set you’ve acquired over the years, or you are known as a fierce competitor and are capable of winning numerous championships, company’s need a “why” to partner with you, and you’re why should be unique.


With that being said you don’t have to be a Divisional or National Champion to secure deals with these companies. You do however have to provide value, and it is important to over deliver on what you promise. The best way to demonstrate your worth, value and skillset is through a “Marketing Proposal”. This 3-10-page document will be put together professionally and highlight all of your accomplishments, skill sets, and what you offer, while giving the company a snapshot view as you as a person and what you stand for. It’s a great way to get a foot in the door once a relationship has been built with people at that company. No matter how good your proposal is, it is important to not overlook networking and relationships as your odds of converting a sponsorship is significantly higher when there has been a long-lasting relationship with the company. If you haven’t already started your journey of looking for marketing partners and marketing yourself as an authority figure in any regard, I highly suggest you begin and prepare so you can reap the benefits in the upcoming seasons. It’s because of these best practices and points I have shared with you today, that I was able to land over 6 marketing partnerships in the course of a few months. I look forward to hearing your success stories.

Sample Marketing Partnership Proposal

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Off Season Project | Importance of Planning and Partnerships

This Off-Season has been an exciting and hectic one for all of us involved with team Bigley Motorsports. Coming off a hot 2018 season competing in NHRA Division 1 Super Comp and clenching the title, it was time to up the ante for 2019 with the addition of competing in a second class. We are excited to announce that we will be competing in NHRA D1 Super Street in 2019 in our 2002 Pontiac Firebird Super Stock car. None of this would be possible without the help of our great Marketing Partners and Sponsors including BTE Racing, KB Trailer Sales, Todd’s Extreme Paint, Numidia Dragway, K&N Filters and Insinger Performance.


With so much to do, and so little time in the off-season, we’ve had our hands full every single weekend. It’s been a long, grueling but rewarding process over the last few months and things are finally coming together to say the least. What started off in 2018 with a near blown engine, lead to us having to pull out our current 522 cubic inch Big Block Chevy to be sent out to our Engine Builder, Huntsville Engines. Alongside a fresh engine, meant a new power glide 2 speed transmission, which we had the great fortune of gaining a very meaningful sponsorship with BTE Racing to help us with the transmission and converter. BTE has supported us completely throughout this journey and we are proud to represent and expand the brands reach in the North East and look forward to a long-lasting partnership.


Fast forwarding from January 1 when it all began, to now March 27th where we are nearing the end of this long journey. From weekly maintenance on the car, to completely re wiring and adding electronics to the main frame of the car, upgrading various parts, and so much more, we have essentially created a rebirth for our Firebird and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Without the help of our sponsors, our team’s hard work and our diligent planning week in and week out, this project would have never been completed on the short time basis it was allotted and we very much so look forward to testing the car over the coming weeks. We will be debuting the car at the first NHRA Division 1 Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Event at Maple Grove Raceway.

The Mental Game: Race Day Routine/Prep

One of the most important if not the most important aspect of drag racing is, your routine. Everything from pre-race rituals, to the time you’re called to the lanes to make a run and when you’re strapped in about to go down the track against your opponent is crucial. When you’re establishing your routine, you need to keep two basic things in mind. First, your routine needs to be rigid enough to be just that: a routine. By doing this we can hopefully accomplish a few things: 1.) do the same things for each run, in reference to your racing vehicle: maintain consistent engine temp, consistent trans temp, a consistent burnout, stage the car in the same manner each run, etc. And 2.) to achieve a state of comfortable, controlled and calm focus for each time you stage your car.

Your routine needs to become second nature to you, in the fact that you’re comfortable repeating the same steps and same motions each time you’re on the track. For me, and many driver’s it even goes as far as repeating little things you found yourself doing at a specific event. For example, if someone I was friends with watched me from the starting line round 1, they would need to come up each and every round after that to not break the routine. Or if I went to use the restroom when my class was called, I would do so each and every round. Subconsciously, it gets me race ready and comfortable and my routine, while flexible is so rigid it becomes robotic.

With comfort comes confidence. I am a firm believer that confidence in any sport or capacity is the number one factor to success. Having confidence helps to not only create focus but also drown out any fears or concerns about your skills, your car or the opponent you’re racing. Being that we need to achieve a state of acute focus for a very short time period, it is of the utmost importance to not let anything mentally throw you off your game or distract you from the task at hand.

So, to recap what we’ve discussed thus far, your routine needs to be rigid enough to be comfortable and familiar, to build confidence, and achieve focus. But on the other hand, needs to be flexible enough that nothing happening outside of your control, nothing your opponent does, nothing the track officials do or at the head of the staging lanes, has a negative effect on both your focus and routine.

Division 1 Super Comp Champion

With 2019 race season coming to a start, their will be one driver in Super Comp that will be running the number 11 this season. That driver is Kyle Bigley. Well recap his year to see how his points added up to a pretty impressive number. The “first race” of the season for him and many others took place at Maple Grove Raceway, the second stop on NHRA Division One’s Tour, ended quickly for him in round one, losing a close race. The start of maybe his best season ever had started in Numidia, PA. His home track, for the past couple of years has been bracket racing his dragster in Super Pro. So no better place he feels more comfortable, then up in the hills of Numidia. He found himself in a final round against very tough competitor Mike Robilitto, 2017 Division One S/C Champion. Tree dropped and everything fell in place, he was .002, and they both rolled through very close, Bigley slightly ahead by .002, bringing home his first Wally. Remember sitting in my car for round number two, and seeing Ed, his father working feverishly on the car, having a water pump failure, as Super Comp is running the round. People dumping bottles of water they had on them, to get the block filled up with water, fixing it just in time for their race. Adding his first 105 point total to the board. The next race was simply like walking around in an oven, temps boiling over 100, wearing everyone at the Lebanon Valley Divisional out. Kyle making a semi-final appearance and adding 83 points to his score, and the start of bigger problems for him engine wise.

The week after the Lebanon race was Epping National, Bigley’s realizing they only have about 40 pounds of oil pressure, switching to thicker oil, “fixing” their problem. A couple more runs down the track, they realize what has to be done. A rebuild in the middle of the season, with championship contention, risking blowing it up isn’t an option. The motor is sent out, rebuilt, and reinstalled in the car in very quick time, not missing a single race. A red light ended him round one at Atco divisional, but many rounds are soon to go in his favor. Cecil County achieving a runner up on a Monday adding 84 more points to his total, then the next race followed by a win at Epping, adding another 105 points. The fourth round of this race was a very pivotal point of the season, Kyle lining up against Chris Garretson, was number two in points at the time. This was a very important race and Bigley got a huge break, Garretson running an 8.49 handing Bigley the win. Everyone in racing knows, you definitely need some type of luck to win these races and for Bigley, he was driving great, and had the luck when he needed it. A combination for winning a Championship as they did, totaling a very impressive 428 points, and the spot to represent Division One in this years Jeg’s Allstars. Also at the banquet, he received Division One Driver of the year award. Another trophy to add to his collection.

With sights set on the 2019 Season he plans on sticking to what they did good at, running Super Comp. He is also planning on running Super Street in 2019 with his father’s Firebird, assuming his driving style it will be one of the faster cars in the class. Just a short side note, as the looks of it there will be a handful of new cars out for 2019, can’t wait to see what people have in store. I believe they also plan on running a few more National events, last year only attending one. He had a good shot at a single digit number, if he did run some Nationals. Division One having number five in the world Mike Robilitto and number six Chris Garretson, Bigley could definitely been a third. With a dream season in the book, we will see what 2019 has to offer for Kyle, Congrats on the great year.

Kyle Claims Division 1 Championship

Kyle Bigley locked up the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Super Comp Division One Championship at The Rock in Rockingham North Carolina.

The West Milford, NJ based racer came into the race looking to be the favorite to win as he had a cushy lead and his trailing 2 and 3 opponents Garretson and Stalba didn’t have much room to work with.

Coming into the race with a record setting 428 points, all Bigley had to do was go more than 3 rounds to add points, or block his opponents from bettering their worst scores. With Garretson having One win and a Runner Up, and Stalba with no wins, it would be a tough feat as Bigley won 2 races, runnered up another and had a semifinal finish as well.

Lucky for Bigley, both his competitor’s dreams of a D1 championship were crushed as they went out in round 1, clinching victory for Kyle and everyone a part of Bigley Motorsports in an exciting fashion. This Division championship is the first for the 21-year-old driver as this was his first full season competing in the Lucas Oil Series in Super Comp.

Kyle also secured the 2019 D1 Super Comp Jegs All-Star slot for next season where he will represent Division 1 Super Comp and line up against the best Super Comp competitors across 7 divisions in an epic race hosted at the Route 66 Nationals in Chicago. He will be joined by his fellow D1 competitor, friend and defending Jegs All-Star champion, Mike Robilotto. For updates and additional coverage, tune in here.

Coming into Epping Hot Off a Final Finish at Cecil

Kyle rolled into Cecil County Divisional hot off of a win from Epping, New Hampshire, but can he double up winning back to back races? Driving good, the BTE who’s hot drive Kyle Bigley was a favorite to win Cecil coming in, however squeaking by a close first round, he moved onto second with a -.002 to his opponents worse -.009.

Up next was a rematch for Kyle and Stephen Spaulding which did not go the way Spaulding had hoped. Last time these two matched up Kyle took the round win, and he did it here again against Spaulding’s worse .061 light to Bigley’s better .026. Kyle continued to squeak by another close round in the third until he lined up with Walter Olt in round four for what had to be the longest staging battle seen in D1.

Bigley and Olt sat prestaged for 2 minutes before going in and staging up. The result? It went in Bigley’s favor as he turned it .029 to Olt’s .058 and closed the gap at the big end to find himself in yet another semi where he would face off against multi-time division champ, Tom Stalba.

However, Stalba’s dreams of winning Cecil and overtaking Bigley in the points were shattered as Bigley crushed Stalba’s .042 with a .010 reaction time to put in 1 over and force Tom into a breakout situation. With Bigley, so close to a double up, the pressure was on, nerves high and it was time to face off against Jack Sepanek in the final round. With two fierce competitors, it was anyone’s game this race. Who would bring it to the table?

Unfortunately for Kyle, he did not see his lamp turn on and was out beat on the starting line by 11 thousandths of a second which translated into a sloppy top end driving job and a well-deserved win for Jack Sepanek. How will Bigley do in the coming races? Stay tuned for more updates.

Another Successful year at New England Dragway

Kyle Bigley revisited his favorite dragstrip in the Northeast, New England Dragway in Epping, New Hampshire for the NHRA Division 1 divisional September 7-9th. Last year Bigley got down to 4 and bowed out in the Semi-final round after losing to a 5-package. That was, until the 2018 season where he came back for vengeance to claim the win.


Round 1 Kyle lined up against friend Shawn Fricke in what was the closest race of the week by far. Shawn Fricke started off behind with a .030 bulb to Bigley’s better .015 with Bigley putting it on an 8.921 to take… .001 stripe beating Shawn’s 8.907 pass. Fast forward to round 4, Kyle has his most important race of the season for the lead in points of Super Comp racing Chris “3-Step” Garretson. Bigley bettered Garretson .067 bulb with a .029 and put it dead on with a 1 as Chris’s 3-Step malfunctioned in the midst of championship pressure giving Bigley the bye run next round.


After many great rounds of racing, and some luck, Kyle managed to drive his way into the Final Round here at Epping in 2018 to find himself against Michael Handras. Both drivers post .026 and .027 lights respectively and with it too close to call at the start comes down to top end driving. Kyle, doing what he does best, drives his Undercover Dragster to an 8.909 giving him the win for the event and his second win in Super Comp this season.


This performance and win at Epping put Bigley in the points lead and helped close the gap. “I’m super happy with how the car and I were this weekend,” said Kyle. “We had a little drama coming into the pre-first round then had our luckiest round of the event against a well-respected competitor and friend Shawn Fricke. Just goes to show you how 1 round and 1 thousandth of a second can change everything. But at the end of the day we came out on top and finished what we couldn’t last year, so I couldn’t be happier.”  

Kyle Bigley Clinches His First Win at Numidia

Numidia has long been called home for Kyle as he largely grew up racing there in his later childhood years. Numidia has been home of the best racers in Division One for a number of years and is called home by Dimino, Biondo, Krushinske and many other well-known and very accomplished racers.


With so many years spent at this facility, memories made, races and championships won, what better track to win your first NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Divisional Event at than home? That’s just what Kyle did as he debuted his Super Comp car for just the second time this season.


The victory though, came nothing short of headaches and problems for Bigley and his ride. Come first round, the car suffered technical problems with a broken water pump, and with Super Comp being called to the lanes, time was of the essence for Kyle. Luckily, his crew Ed and Bill along with the help of Matt Schell, and Ken Moses were able to get the car ready just as the last pairs were rolling out.


Kyle went on to beat Don Bangs with a .000 light in round one after Don turned it -.009 red. The rest of the race was nothing short of exciting as Bigley put on a show for the home track as he drove the wheels off his 14’ Undercover into the Final Round where he found himself lined up against former Division 1 Champion Mike Robilotto.


Bigley parlayed a holeshot of .002 into a win over Mike Robilotto in Super Comp. Bigley clocked in at 8.921 seconds at 170.64 to take just .002 at the other end and hold on as Robilotto came charging with an 8.903 run on the 8.90 index but couldn’t seal the deal as Bigley was “#Be00Take00”. This win was extra special as it was not only his first Super Comp win, at his home track, it was also on Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to Ed!